Echeck System

Electronic system assessment of credit applications


eCheck is an affordable credit application management and assessment system that integrates the entire information circuit for the credit process, accessible from web.



  • streamlining the flow of information flow between buyers, stores and credit institutions
  • minimizing the time spent analyzing a person’s solvency and credibility



  • Banks – for checking consumer credit, mortgage or credit card issuance
  • Telecommunication companies – to quickly check people or companies who want to become customers
  • Any company – who is involved in the process of selling in installments or needs a very quick check of individuals or legal entities

Banking Portal & Money Transfer System


This system acts as a standard interface between the clients and all the banks, by using this portal any client who maintain accounts in various banks can directly log on to Multi Banking System Interface and make any kind of transactions. In the backend, system will take care of the entire obligation required in order to carry on transaction smoothly.



To develop a comprehensive one stop banking portal and money transfer system that allows users to SECURELY perform their banking transactions form one place as well as perform money transfer transactions globally.



  • The implementation of Multiple banks API enabling the users to access their accounts and perform basic day to day banking transactions
  • The implementation of Money Transfer module to send and receive money from anyone in the world online.
  • The implementation of a secure back office that allows us to manage the system in its entirety

Credit System

Be informed! Take action now!


Our services can help you to make informed business decisions and supply you with critical information on the companies and businesses you are dealing with and if that is not enough we help you to get the money in!



Our aim is to help you reduce the uncertainty of doing business by providing a complete, differentiated and high-quality package of credit risk and cash flow management services.



  • We continually report on the business, and economic activities of persons, companies and organizations all around the country. A continuous supply of the intelligence that people need for successful businesses.
  • Our services aim Senior Executives, their supporting staff and managers. We serve them directly and also inform their advisers-lawyers, consultants, accountants, investment advisers, investors and bankers.
  • Traditional methods of field research together with the use of highly developed IT-technology are applied, in order to enhance the quality of our products and the efficiency of our services.


Web-based Real-Estate Appraisal System and Repository Management


Landers is a web-based system that administrates and evaluates a comprehensive real-estate database: apartments, villas, industrial spaces, warehouses, farms, lands, parking and much more.



Users can easily find a property as the system has a set of search filters: country, county, town, street, neighborhood, area, price, number of rooms and much more.



  • Save money by ensuring you know the real market value of a property before buying it;
  • Be informed about house price trends in your area;
  • Establish the market value of your property online in a few seconds and get a fair evaluation so you can buy or sell it at the best price
  • Benefit of a powerful financial support for the real-estate industry;
  • Benefit of an AVM System that is able to match up similar properties to offer a general overview upon the range of sales prices that has historically been recorded;
  • Benefit of an Unicode language support;