About Us

FASMA’s mission is to deliver user oriented business services,
products and solutions through dependable and efficient software.

FASMA is one of supplier of customized software applications and offers high quality technology solutions and software products for building business, financials, manufacturing, telephony, mobile computing and Internet/ e-business applications.


FASMA was set-up first in 2000 and has undertaken software projects and product development on broad technology platforms for Spain, Greece and European clients with utmost satisfaction. Over the last year, FASMA has maintained a significant growth rate.


FASMA is strongly positioned in developing global standard solutions and follows a philosophy to enter long-term relationships with organizations that envisions success and high throughput through implementation of IT tools and techniques.

The company has extensive experience in providing state-of-the-art solutions to its clients’ complex and unique problems. Understanding the growing challenges of global IT industry; FASMA has been consistently gearing itself to take on the other markets as well.


Its loyal roster of clients depends on the company’s development and support services to provide high quality and optimal cost customized solutions, time-bound commitment, techno-savvy team, project management philosophy and obligation-free availability of team leaders.


In summary, FASMA extends its full co-operation for consulting, developing and implementing IT solutions for increased competitive advantage, improved customer relationship and effective decision making among others.

Why Fasma

We strongly believe that every business has a unique mission & objectives and a unique set of problems. Rather than implementing a solution just because it works well with other companies, we design solutions that are appropriate for you. These will work for you today, tomorrow and for years to come. The latest advancements in technology and programming methodologies allow us to design the solution from scratch and yet be very cost and time effective.

Track record with strong process orientation

FASMA has a long track record of successfully executing complex projects. We use well-established and tested project management methodologies for assignments of all sizes and complexities, enabling us to consistently deliver quality software products and services.

Experience of working with some of the leading organization of the world

FASMA has worked with some of the leading organizations in different parts of Europe, successfully scaling language and cultural barriers. This has given us an opportunity to attain a wider perspective, and a reputation for cultural sensitivity and professionalism.

FASMA’s hallmark is the quality of its development

At FASMA, strict adherence to processes is a critical component of the software design and development process.

Expertise in wide range of computing environments and functional domains

FASMA holds competency to provide software solutions and consultancy on diverse technology platforms.

Stringent testing processes ensure that applications cannot be made to fail.

Testing and quality assurance process is continual and includes running each application module with simulated data and analyzing the results. Test cases are created during application analysis and design. During code construction, reusable test scripts and test data are generated. The test scripts are executed and the results analyzed during actual testing. The results are then fed back into the development/test process, providing continuous improvement in quality of software applications.

A vast skill base of talented and experienced manpower.

FASMA has access to the best-qualified and talented professionals from leading educational institutes across Romania. In addition to specializing in particular technologies, our employees are given an opportunity to work on diverse platforms and application, giving them a wider perspective of businesses, technologies and project management.