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FASMA extends its full co-operation for consulting, developing and implementing IT solutions for increased competitive advantage, improved customer relationship and effective decision making among others.

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Business Process Re-engineering0%
Consultancy - Technical Specific0%
Needs and Technology Assessment0%
Functional Specs, Coding, Testing0%
Support & Maintenance0%

Successful Outsourcing Models

Fasma offers to its customers a variety of business models, such as:

Fixed Price Turnkey approach

Time and Material basis

Dedicated Development Facility

Joint Product Development and Marketing

Flexi Mode

Best Qualified


In addition to specializing in particular technologies, our employees are given an opportunity to work on diverse platforms and application, giving them a wider perspective of businesses, technologies and project management.

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FASMA has wide technology exposure and expertise in executing projects and has successfully executed prestigious mission critical projects for customers in towns like: